Moving Mountains

Day 1

Opening Performer:

Bochan Huy



Keynote Address: 

KaYing Yang


Plenary Session:

Data Disaggregation: Southeast Asian American Self-determination, Organizing, and Advocacy

Moderator: Phitsamay Uy | Panelists: Catherina Nou, Tony Vo, and Chanda Womack

For over a decade, Southeast Asian American community advocates across the country have been fighting for self-determination through better data to reveal stark, hidden, and unaddressed inequities. Learn from local community advocates who have successfully passed data disaggregation legislation in their respective states, and discuss what’s next in the fight ahead.

Breakout Sessions

Hmong Cancer Coalition.jpg

Empowering Our Patients and Families to Communicate Health Care Needs

Pao Yang, Kay Lee, and Bethanie Mills

Interested in health equity for the SEAA community? Need strategies to bridge the communication gap between our communities and practitioners of Western medicine? Attend this workshop to learn effective strategies from the Hmong Cancer Coalition for empowering patients and families to actively communicate with their healthcare team, supportive agencies, and family.

Shaping Your Sticky Rice Ball: Power Mapping to Maximize Your Relationships

Channapha Khamvongsa, Bridget Johnson, and Aven LaRosa

Feeling frustrated? In despair about the current political climate? Need to re-energize and look at your work in a different way? Come get empowered at Legacies of War's power mapping workshop. Take time to discover how you can mold your sticky rice ball - your network - to achieve your policy goals. Let’s get this ball rolling!


Fundraising background.png

Philanthropy Dialogue on Equity and Partnerships

Moderator: Quyen Dinh | Panelists: Tomeka Hart, Mini Timmaraju, and Jonathan Tran

Engage in dialogue with philanthropy leaders from national, state, and corporate perspectives on the roles that philanthropy plays in moving equity, and tips on building transformative partnerships that move equity for Southeast Asian American communities.

Resilience Through Art: How SEAs Have Mobilized, Healed, and Resisted Through Creative Modes of Self-Expression

Dianne Le

Art is a powerful tool for social change. Join Dianne Le to learn about art as a form of communication, resilience, and healing. This workshop explores how youth have mobilized and advocated through breakdancing, spoken word, and other forms of artistic expression. Learn how to bridge communicative, generational, and cultural gaps within Southeast Asian communities to cultivate new means of healing, resistance, and advocacy.


Reconciling Identity_BLUE.jpg

Reconciling Identity, Home, and Responsibility for Southeast Asian American Scholars

Moderator: Loan Dao | Panelists: Diana ChandaraVichet Chhuon, Sophal Ear, Denise Hanh Huynh, and Phitsamay Uy

Are you a Southeast Asian American scholar who sometimes feels forced to choose your career over your community or identity? Hear from this panel of Southeast Asian American scholars who have successfully wrestled with being accepted within mainstream institutions and retaining authenticity in their home communities.

Stopping the Cycle of Displacement

Kevin Lam and Jeannie Do

Engage in a stimulating dialogue with workshop presenters Kevin Lam and Jeannie Do about the connection between the war in Southeast Asia and gentrification and displacement in the US. Hear about current anti-displacement organizing work happening in Dorchester, MA, and gain strategies for community engagement, base building, and leadership development.

Stopping the Cycle of Displacement-Final-2.jpg

People Over Police.jpg

People Over Police: Southeast Asian American Youth Organizing for Police Accountability, Community Defense, and Abolition

Sarath Suong

The Southeast Asian refugee community survived under heavy oppression and police brutality for over forty years. In Providence, Rhode Island, the Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM) led efforts to address community and police relations. Join Sarath Suong as he shares how their sixteen-year mobilization efforts to organize Southeast Asian youth, queer and trans youth of color, and survivors of state violence in Rhode Island led to the most comprehensive racial profiling legislation in the country. Attend this workshop to learn more about the Community Safety Act and how to build a vision for a world without prisons and police.

Mental health background.jpg

Demystifying SEAA Mental Health and Healing

Moderator: Lee Lo | Panelists: Linda BuiZachary Darrah, Tuyet Duong, and Vattana Peong

Can mental health equity for the Southeast Asian American community be achieved? Interested in healing our intergenerational trauma? This panel will demystify the multi-layered mental health needs of the SEAA community and the best practices for overcoming barriers. Hear from providers, organizers, and impacted community members as they explore our legacy as refugees, intergenerational trauma, mental health equity, and path to healing.