Moving Mountains

Day 2


Plenary Session:

Continuing Our Journey for Equity

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Moderator: Quyen Dinh | Lian Cheun, Loan DaoChannapha Khamvongsa, and Pheng Thao

Southeast Asian American communities are moving into and expanding a larger civil rights and social justice agenda, grounded in but transcending the immediate direct service needs of our communities. Join four diverse, intergenerational speakers to reflect on the community’s journey of healing, our fight for equity, and our collective hopes for the future.

Breakout Sessions


ReleaseMN8: The Fight Against Deportation

Montha Chum, Oanh Vu, and ThaoMee Xiong

Special Guest: Chamroeun Phan

Last fall, eight Cambodian men in Minnesota were detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and threatened with deportation to a country they barely knew. Their families fought back and launched the ReleaseMN8 movement. Hear directly from ReleaseMN8 members and learn about their struggles and successes in their fight against deportation. This session will demonstrate to participants how to build an effective campaign through community support.


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From Pre-K to Post-Grad: Education Equity for Southeast Asian American Students

Moderator: Souvan Lee | Panelists: Lee Her, Ay Saechao, and KaYing Yang

Want to know about what Southeast Asian American organizations and community members have been doing to ensure equity for our students in the "pre-kindergarten through high school, college, and workforce" pipeline? Join a panel of SEAA education experts to discuss their work toward SEAA education equity, addressing student challenges, and what we can do to support our students from pre-k through the workforce.

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Moving the Mountain while Climbing the Mountain: SEAA Elders Aging with Health and Dignity

Moderator: Jenna McDavid | Panelists: Sokmala Chy, Nkauj Iab Yang, and Pao Yang

Southeast Asian American elders are leaders, caregivers, and vital members of our communities. Their knowledge and experiences can guide the generations to come together to move mountains. Explore the challenges of aging in SEAA communities and learn ways to ensure that your community organizing and advocacy is intergenerational. Hear stories of vibrancy, strength, and resilience of elders in our communities, and leave with concrete actions to bring the elders in your community into the fold.

Breaking the Silence to End Gender-Based Violence

Kabzuag Vaj, Jenny Sem, and Savang Chhorm

Engage in a stimulating discussion on the different forms of gender-based violence in the Southeast Asian American community including domestic violence, sexual assault, and abusive international marriages. Participants will walk away with a deeper understanding of gender-based violence and ideas for transformative solutions to achieving gender justice in the SEAA community.

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Transforming Manhood and Masculinity in our Communities.png

Transforming Manhood and Masculinity

Pheng Thao

Join Pheng Thao of ManForward as he explores why it matters for men and masculine folks in Southeast Asian American communities to understand their role and involvement in ending gender-based violence.  This workshop will discuss how to transform male norms by engaging men, masculine folks, and those who work with masculine and male identities in deepening their gender lens while building community.

Supporting the Incarcerated Community

Moderator: Katrina Dizon Mariategue | Panelists: Tung Nguyen, Nathaniel Tan, and Many Uch

Hear from individuals supporting currently and formerly incarcerated Asian American and Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) through post-incarceration re-entry services, educational programming inside the prison system, and deportation advocacy and mobilization. The panelists will share best practices, models, and lessons learned with community members interested in working with the incarcerated community.

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Khmer Generations Project.png

Recording History, Connecting Generations

Christine Su

Stories can inspire us, connect us, heal us, and strengthen us. However, in the SEAA community, so many powerful stories remain untold. Join Christine Su to learn how the Khmer Generations Project (KGP) uses digital stories to record history and connect generations. Gain skills through a step-by-step training on how to assemble and digitally record personal or familial stories to preserve, share, and bring awareness to your experiences.

Building Power with Civic Engagement

Cha Vang, Nancy Xiong

How do we mobilize the growing AAPI electorate to challenge racism, sexism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia in electoral politics? Join Cha Vang, executive director of Hmong Innovating Politics, as she shares best practices for building community power through elections. This workshop presents strategies and tactics to strengthen the power of disenfranchised communities through innovative civic engagement and strategic grassroots mobilization.

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Southeast Asian American Trailblazers Awards Reception

7:00pm - 9:30pm